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CAPP is comprised of businessmen and businesswomen from the community.

The following is a letter from a concerned individual:

May 11, 2000

Dear Mayor,
In a recent release to the media the Ontario Ministry of Corrections has stated the intention to operate a privately run correctional facility in your community.
The question has been raised as to whether privately run correctional facilities are legal in this province. Constitutional lawyers at Queen's Park are currently researching this issue and, although their final opinion has yet to be formulated, areas of concern have already been identified.
The previous Minister of Corrections, Mr. Bob Runciman, found it necessary to abandon the private operator concept citing "too many unanswered questions" as his reason. Mr. Runciman's decision should be considered significant due to his extensive legal experience, background, and highly respected standing in the legal community. The present Minister, Mr. Rob Sampson, has an extensive background in business but little or no legal expertise.
The present publically operated system is legal because everyone in the system has the legal authority to discharge their responsibilities under the Ministry of Correctional Services Act and all legislation to which the Act is subservient, including federal legislation. (which cannot be changed by the province)
Members of the present provincial government are aware that what they want to do does not comply with existing legislation and have openly stated that their intention to attempt to change the law to fit their needs. Dealing with legal issues before the fact is one option, however, a second option would be to execute their plan anyway and try to deal with the legal consequences that are sure to follow at some time in the future.
Entering into contracts that may prove to be illegal may have serious consequences for you, your council, and your community. The provincial government may have the resources to finance lengthy, complicated legal battles, however, it is unlikely your tax base would support such a conflict or any financial penalties that may be brought against your community.
With all due respect, allow me to suggest that you protect yourself, your council, and your community by formally requesting that the Minister of Corrections confirms in writing that any operation for which he is responsible, but based in your community, is in compliance with all relevant legislation, both federal and provincial, that is applicable to a correctional facility that is operated by any private, domestic, or foreign company whose staff are not employees of the Province of Ontario.
I further suggest that the legal ramifications of all or any existing or proposed agreements or contracts be clearly understood and thoroughly investigated before they are submitted for consideration by council or signed on behalf of the community.
By now you are aware the "Superjail" concept is a failure and found to be extremely detrimental to the communities where it was tried. I hope the contents of this letter will assist you in avoiding the errors that were made elsewhere and history will not repeat itself in your community.

Yours sincerely,
Bill McLaughlin
6 Collingdon Drive
Brantford, Ontario
N3S 3E1

cc: Mayor, Wasaga Beach
Council, Tiny Township
Council, Township of Oro Medonte
Council, Township of Springwater
Warden, County of Simcoe
Mayor, City of Thunder Bay
Mayor, City of Orillia
Mayor, New Tecumseth
Mayor, Town of Midland
Mayor, Town of Lindsay
Mayor, Town of Collingwood
Mayor, City of Barrie

To the best of our knowledge only one of the above has voted to accept a private jail in their community. The City of Thunder Bay has decided that the monetary grant (we think of it as "Bribe Money") is more important than what the private jail will do to its community.
It should be noted that the city council originally rejected privatization until Mike Harris countered with a large monetary grant - we can only suppose that city council took a second vote and the temptation of financial gain was more important.

MARCH 6, 2001


I am proud to announce that Thunder Bay City Council passed a resolution opposing the privatization of Ontario's Correctional Services last night.
It only took 3 deputations and hundreds of hours of lobbying to get this result.
Wishing all my colleagues the best in their attempts at doing the same in their community,

In Solidarity,

Len Mason
President OPSEU 737
Thunder Bay Jail

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    Barrie Jail
    87 Mulcaster St.
    Box 224
    Barrie, ON L4M 4T2
    Phone 1-705-739-6613
    Fax 1-705-739-6617

    Brantford Jail
    105 Market Street
    Brantford, ON N3T 6A9
    Phone 1-519-752-6578
    Fax 1-519-752-7461

    Brockville Jail
    10 Wall Street
    Brockville, ON K6V 4R9
    Phone 1-613-342-1456
    Fax 1-613-342-0962

    Burtch Correctional Centre
    Box 940
    Brantford, ON N3T 5S6 Phone 1-519-484-2461
    Fax 1-519-484-2587

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    Chatham Jail
    17 Seventh Street
    Chatham, ON N7M 4J9
    Phone 1-519-352-0150
    Fax 1-519-351-3578

    Cobourg Jail
    Mike Harris Closure - Aug '98
    77 Albert Street
    Cobourg, ON

    Cornwall Jail
    7 Water Street
    Box 1418
    Cornwall, ON K6H 5V5
    Phone 1-613-932-5720
    Fax 1-613-932-9461

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    Elgin Middlesex Detention Centre
    711 Exeter Road
    London, ON N6E 1L3
    Phone 1-519-686-1922
    Fax 1-519-686-5265

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    Fort Frances Jail
    310 Nelson Street
    Fort Frances, ON P9A 1B1
    Phone 1-807-274-7708
    Fax 1-807-274-3304

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    Guelph Correctional Centre
    785 York Rd.
    Box 3600
    Guelph, ON N1H 6P3
    Phone 1-519-822-0020
    Fax 1-519-763-6586

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    Haileybury Jail
    Mike Harris Closure - Sept '98
    407 Main St.
    Box 578
    Haileybury, ON

    Hamilton Wentworth Detention Centre
    165 Barton Street E.
    Hamilton, ON L8L 2W6
    Phone 1-905-523-8800
    Fax 1-905-529-0977

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    Kenora Jail
    1430 River St.
    Kenora, ON P9N 1K5
    Phone 1-807-468-2871
    Fax 1-807-468-2876

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    Lindsay Jail
    50 Victoria Ave. N.
    Lindsay, ON K9V 4G3
    Phone 1-705-324-3792
    Fax 1-705-324-1656

    L'Orignal Jail
    Mike Harris Closure - Aug '98
    1023 Queen Street
    L'Orignal, ON

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    Maplehurst Correctional Centre
    661 Martin St.
    Box 10,
    Milton, ON L9T 2Y3
    Phone 1-905-878-8141
    Fax 1-905-878-5363

    Maplehurst Detention Centre
    655 Martin Street
    Box 1040
    Milton, ON L9T 5E6
    Phone 1-905-878-0288
    Fax 1-905-878-4297

    Metropolitan Toronto East Detention Centre
    55 Civic Rd.
    Scarborough, ON M1L 2K9
    Phone 1-416-750-3513
    Fax 1-416-750-3345

    Metropolitan Toronto West Detention Centre
    111 Disco Rd.
    Box 4950
    Rexdale, ON M9W 5L6
    Phone 1-416-675-1806
    Fax 1-416-675-9942

    Millbrook Correctional Centre
    King St. West
    Box 300
    Millbrook, ON L0A 1G0
    Phone 1-705-932-9222
    Fax 1-705-932-2081

    Mimico Correctional Centre
    130 Horner Ave
    Etobicoke, ON M8Z 4X8
    Phone 1-416-314-9600
    Fax 1-416-314-9606

    Monteith Correctional Centre
    Junction Hwy 11 & 577
    Box 90
    Monteith, ON P0K 1P0
    Phone 1-705-232-4092
    Fax 1-705-232-4206

    Monteith Jail
    Junction Hwy # 11& 577
    Box 90
    Monteith, ON P0K 1P0
    Phone 1-705-232-4092
    Fax 1-705-232-4530

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    Niagra Detention Centre
    Hwy 58
    Box 1050
    Thorold, ON L2V 4A6
    Phone 1-905-227-6321
    Fax 1-905-227-0032

    North Bay Jail
    2550 Trout Lake Rd.
    North Bay, ON P1B 7S7
    Phone 1-705-472-8115
    Fax 1-705-495-3817

    Northern Treatment Centre
    800 Great Northern Road
    Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 5K7
    Phone 1-705-946-0995
    Fax 1-705-946-4047

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    Ontario Correctional Institute
    109 McLaughlin Rd. S.
    Box 1888
    Brampton, ON L6V 2P1
    Phone 1-905-457-7050
    Fax 1-905-874-4051

    Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre
    2244 Innes Rd.
    Ottawa, ON K1B 4C4
    Phone 1-613-824-6080
    Fax 1-613-824-1297

    Owen Sound Jail
    1237 Third Ave. E.
    Box 517
    Owen Sound, ON N4K 5R1
    Phone 1-519-376-0435
    Fax 1-519-376-7927

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    Parry Sound Jail
    91A James Street
    Parry Sound, ON P2A 1T7
    Phone 1-705-746-6218
    Fax 1-705-746-5255

    Pembroke Jail
    297 Pembroke St. E.
    Pembroke, ON K8A 3K2
    Phone 1-613-735-0647
    Fax 1-613-735-2741

    Peterborough Jail
    Courthouse (Rear) Sheridan St. near Brock
    Box 1480
    Peterborough, ON K9J 7H7
    Phone 1-705-745-1982
    Fax 1-705-745-1993

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    Quinte Detention Centre
    89 Richmond Blvd.
    Napanee, ON K7R 3S1
    Phone 1-613-354-9701
    Fax 1-613-354-9114

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    Rideau Treatment & Correctional Centre
    # 4047 County Rd. 2
    R.R. # 3
    Merrickville, ON K0G 1N0
    Phone 1-613-269-4771
    Fax 1-613-269-3235

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    Sault Ste. Marie Jail
    145 McNabb St.
    Box 340
    Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 5L8
    Phone 1-705-256-3020
    Fax 1-705-256-3028

    Sarnia Jail
    700 Christina St. N
    Sarnia, ON N7V 3C2
    Phone 1-519-337-3261
    Fax 1-519-336-6505

    Stratford Jail
    30 St. Andrew Street
    Stratford, ON N5A 1A3
    Phone 1-519-271-2180
    Fax 1-519-273-1938

    Sudbury Jail
    181 Elm St. W.
    Sudbury, ON P3C 1T8
    Phone 1-705-675-4147
    Fax 1-705-675-4157

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    Thunder Bay Correctional Centre
    Hwy 61 S.
    Box 1900
    Thunder Bay, ON P7C 4Y4
    Phone 1-807-475-8401
    Fax 1-807-475-9240

    Thunder Bay Jail
    285 McDougall St.
    Box 2806
    Thunder Bay, ON P7B 5G3
    Phone 1-807-345-7364
    Fax 1-807-345-0390

    Toronto Jail
    550 Gerard St. E.
    Toronto, ON M4M 1X6
    Phone 1-416-325-8600
    Fax 1-416-325-8616

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    Vanier Centre For Women
    205 McLaughlin Rd. S.
    Box 1900
    Brampton, ON L6V 2M5>
    Phone 1-905-459-9100
    Fax 1-905-452-8522

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    Walkerton Jail
    209 Cayley St.
    Walkerton, ON N0G 2V0
    Phone 1-519-881-3448
    Fax 1-519-881-2182

    Waterloo Detention Centre
    182 Hespler Rd.
    Box 307
    Cambridge, ON N1R 5V2
    Phone 1-519-740-5979
    Fax 1-519-740-5983

    Wellington Detention Centre
    588 Stone Rd. E.
    Guelph, ON N1H 6M6
    Phone 1-519-837-2400
    Fax 1-519-837-3548

    Whitby Jail
    200 Victoria St. W.
    Whitby, ON L1N 6G3
    Phone 1-905-668-7791
    Fax 1-905-668-8388

    Windsor Jail
    378 Brock St.
    Windsor, ON N9C 3Y6
    Phone 1-519-973-1324
    Fax 1-519-973-1376

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Mike Harris and Rob Sampson have announced more jail closures. You might be interested to see which communities are being axed:

Institution      Announcement Date       Estimated Timing of Closure
Barrie Jail -   September 1996     Summer 2001
Brantford Jail -   July 1997     Fall 2001
Brockville Jail -   September 1998     Winter 2002
Burtch Correctional Centre-   September 1998      Fall 2001
Chatham Jail -   May 2000      Spring 2001
Cobourg Jail -   September 1996      Closed July 1998
Cornwall Jail -   September 1998     Summer 2001
Fort Frances Jail -   May 2000     Spring 2004
Guelph Correctional Centre-   September 1996     Fall 2001
Haileybury Jail -   July 1998     Closed July 1998
L'Orignal -   July 1998     Closed July 1998
Lindsay Jail -   September 1996     Fall 2001
Millbrook Correctional Centre -   September 1996     Spring 2002
Mimico Correctional Centre-   September 1996     Spring 2002
Monteith Correctional Centre-   May 2000     Summer 2001
Niagara Detention Centre-   September 1996     Spring 2002
North Bay Jail -   May 2000     Fall 2002
Ontario Correctional Institute -   September 1996     Winter 2002
Owen Sound Jail -   September 1996     Summer 2001
Parry Sound Jail-   September 1996     Summer 2001
Pembroke Jail -   September 1998     Summer 2001
Rideau Correctional and Treatment Centre -   September 1998      Summer 2002
Peterborough Jail -   September 1996     Fall 2001
Stratford Jail -   May 2000     Spring 2001
Thunder Bay Jail -   May 2000     Fall 2002
Toronto Jail -   September 1996     Spring 2001
Vanier Correctional Centre-   September 1996     Winter 2001
Waterloo Detention Centre-   July 1997     Fall 2000
Wellington Detention Centre-   July 1997     Fall 2000
Whitby Jail -   September 1996     Fall 2001

The third column above represents the "estimated" date of closure. These dates are contingent on the completion of the "super"(?) jail construction going on in Milton, Lindsay and our community, Penetanguishene.
We anticipate that these closure dates will run over to some degree as government planning is suspect, government media releases are suspect and this government's bureaucrats appear not to know what they are doing from one day to the next.

................Here is one of them now................

"If those private operators cannot make the guarantees I demand, then I'll stick with publicly operated jails!"

Rob Sampson (Brian Orser Hall, Penetanguishene - 2000)

Anyone here do that with their eyes when they tell a lie?

What are some consequences to privatization ?

As you are aware by now, the Harris government is constructing three new "SuperJails" , upgrading other existing facilities, and closing even more institutions.
What is one major result of this? One that hits close to home for many hundreds of Correctional Officers is that there will be not enough jobs for everyone.
Public Servants see this as Mike Harris "breaking the unions." You would have to have been hiding under a stone to have not seen that in the past. Any and all discussions with OPSEU and any other bargaining unit have been filled with contempt and animosity. Look to the government's dealings with the nurses, the doctors, the teachers - the list goes on.
Enough said about that, so just what happens to all the correctional officers presently in institutions that are to be closed?
Lets take the Burtch Correctional Centre -Staff here have been told that when the institution closes their work location will be transferred to Penetanguishene! Burtch employs 125 staff who live in and around Brantford Ontario. They are being told that on any given Friday they will be advised that they start work on Monday in Penetanguishene. Hmmmmmm - does that sound right? Does that sound like Mike Harris is trying to be generous to his wonderful staff? Do you find it peculiar that expecting untold numbers of correctional officers to quickly uproot their lives in Brantford consisting of children in school, husbands or wifes with local jobs and to plant themselves in Penetanguishene and be happy about it? Oh, did I mention that Penetanguishene will not be taking all the correctional officers? No and the ones they take will be at 70% of their salary. And, this 70% salaried job is only guaranteed for one year. It seems the private consortium only has to guarantee these people a job for a year before they go out on the street and hire some untrained people at half the salary a professional would get!
Lets look at the Brantford Jail - Brantford Jail is told they close some time this fall. What happens to the thirty or so correctional officers there? (this does not include the support staff consisting of office workers, kitchen workers and nursing staff) Starting at the top of the seniority list, Mike Harris will tell each staff where he or she will go. This will be dictated by where there are openings throughout Ontario. (or rather at the whim of the bureaucrat)
Follow this scenario: Officer A is told he is going to Toronto East. Officer B is told he is going to Toronto West. Officer C is told he is going to Maplehurst and so on down the list until all the vacancies are used up. Any remaining staff would then be shuffled off to Hamilton - the closest institution to Brantford.
As you can see, the senior officers are getting a bum stear and the officers at the bottom of the seniority list are being transferred within commuting distance from home. Again, Mike Harris is looking after his valued employees.
These staff members being relocated across Ontario - do you not think they have lives centered around family and friends in Brantford? What of the children already in school and established there? What of the spouse with a good job in Brantford? What of the home these people have been paying for and improving upon these long years? What of a staff who chooses not to relocate to Toronto for personal reasons? What of a staff who would prefer to relocate to another area of Ontario and has twenty years invested in corrections - what of his wishes?
Oh, and did I mention that when this all happens these staff members will be told and given five days to respond? Respond to a career decision question within five days - again, Mike Harris looking after his trusted employees.
Another consequence of privatization follows: As people are incarcerated to the Super?Jails, the wifes and lovers of some of these people will relocate to the communities where these jails are located. You see this happening everywhere. The city of Kingston has many of these spouses and lovers - how can one visit often if you live four hours away?
As some of these prisoners are released from our Super?Jails they will remain in our community. Why not, as their spouse has already taken a lease or is renting whatever she can manage. Where am I leading? Yup, you guessed it....Penetanguishene and Lindsay are surrounded by summer cottages that go unprotected during the off months. What do you suppose will happen?

One consequence to all this has been the dedication shown by one of our Members of Provincial Parliament
David Levac, a Liberal MPP and the Corrections Critic in the Legislature has demonstrated his disgust with what is happening to Ontario Corrections. We have had the opportunity to sit down with him and discuss the problems facing us and we are assured that he is 100% behind us.


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