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Welcome to Our Archived News Stories...

We have provided insightful and provocative news that raises many questions concerning the privatization of prison's not only here in Ontario but around the world.

Please have a look at the way things have gone on concerning the process of privatization and it's consequences.

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Archived Articles Since June 2002
Prison food costs less, but at a price. Scotland: Another editorial. Ohio: MTC agrees to take cut.
Texas: Wackenhut's "Record of Dishonesty." Illinios: ARAMARK under attack. Mississippi: CCA to lose Delta CF!!!
Canada: Minister boozes it up with the for-profits. Scotland: Editorial against for-profits. Scotland: New chief tears into for-profits.
Federal Bureau of Prisons CAPP chair on task force to look at private prisons. Mississippi: Private prisons too costly, report says.
Dubeau gets Runciman's attention during jail visit Locking away profits: Scotland:Wackenhut facility the worst!
Jail workers to vote on joining union Union wins vote Canada: Riot at MTC facility
Jail's garbage problem is 'horrendous' Jail workers meet with task force When drugs go to jail
Monday deadline for Super Jail to stop clogs Jail works on garbage Lockdown continues for half jail's inmates
Federal: Editorial about privatization. She wants opinions on super jail How successful is prison for teens?
National: Expose' on for-profits. Canada: MTC facility better or worse? Mom's Become Inmate Advocates
Penetanguishene council mixed Guarding the guards Storm erupts over inmate race ID Cards
Superjail scraps race notation Canada: Expose' on MTC jail. Admin. takes race off jail ID cards
Concerns over guard ID tags Super Jails Undermine Human Dignity Guard ID tags spark controversy
Mould closes boot camp for teens Salvation Army to act as electronic jail guards Jail consultants convicted of ethics breaches
Guard ID tag controversy resolved University of Arizona student's protest No training and minimum medical, but they do have tear gas
Editorial - Letter of the Day Mothers fight to protect jail prisoners Dunlop defends Super Jail
Letters to the Editor Super jail risks inmates' health: MD MPP has more questions after visit...
'I went to bed hungry' in Ontario superjail Oklahoma: County jails cheaper than for-profits Queen's Park eager to make superjail a success
Too early to rule on for-profit jail Inmate criticizes time in super jail Doc brings jail concerns to forefront
CAPP Chairperson Answers Back Jail's record has been less than super to date Sewage fills basement
New Mexico: MTC top managers fired New Zealand: Editorial praising end of for-profits. Arizona: Great expose' on for-profits.
Angela Davis speaks against for-profits. New Zealand: Bye-bye for-profits! New Zealand to Take Over Private Prisons
MTC might lose contract Former Cornell warden rehired. Dying In Jail...
State moves forward in for-profit facility take-over. Texas: Letter to the editor. Wales: Securicor prison at-risk.
National: Catholic Bishops come out against for-profits. U.S. National: Molly Ivins column Hawaii: Gov rejects for-profits
New Mexico: More on MTC warden. Jail, union at odds over newsletter distribution Inmate Claims She Was Assaulted at County Jail
Abuses reported at Hickey School Jail Guard Accused of Raping Female Inmate Corrections Secretary 'not Pleased' With Jail Audit
Warden, Officer on Duty at July 4 Jailbreak Fired State Audit Finds Problems at Jail Sarasota firm may lose contract...
The high cost of incarceration Faith-Based Fudging Family Files Lawsuit After Jail Suicide
South Africa's private prisons found costly City OKs jail to be run publicly Warden, Officer on Duty at July 4 Jailbreak Fired
State Audit Finds Problems at Jail Corrections Secretary 'not Pleased' Jail Ordered to Make Improvements
Coroner's office investigating death New Mexico: Jail ends contract with MTC England: Private jail slammed for policy
Southern bishops criticize growing privatization Industry: Expose' on privateering. Canada: More on MTC death.
International: More religious opposition. Private Prison Hired Ousted Doctor U.S. group pleased with jail, despite greeting by protesters
State audit: CCA not complying with prison contracts Tennessee: More on CCA et al audit. Scotland: Premier warden quits.
CNCC Jail opponent plans rally New inmate dies after spending three hours at jail Letter to The Editor: Midland Free Press
Possibility of public jail makes her smile Shape Up Or Else, Prison Operator Told California: MTC getting burned too.
Colorado: Judy Greene comes to town. For-profit jail a failure, report says. Too many sit behind bars
Students, Communities Oppose Prisons for Profit States Re-assess Long Jail Terms Dunlop becomes jail critic
Private youth camp targeted for closure. Project Turnaround to close in New Year Boot-Jail closing stuns staff, parents
Questions remain over Superjail death Dion applauds closure of privately-run facility County/City Jail Takeover Faces Trial & Error
Inmates removed from Hillsdale Letter of the Day - Thomas Elliott responds Judge rips privately run probation
Activists dispute private prison involvement The Truth About Private Prisons Privatizing prisons bad idea...
MSP's call to end private jail contract Prisoner's death raises questions Inquest to be held in death at jail
Don’t offer public safety for sale Incarceration a Public Responsibility. Scotland: More concerns over for-profit.
Kansas: Letter to the editor. Two private prisons officially close. Texas: Organized opposition. Part 1
Canada: Inquest begins in MTC inmate death. Israel: Prison expert denounces for-profits. Canada: MTC union threatens strike.
Alaska: Senator: For-profits need scrutiny. Superjail CO's reject second contract offer. Australia: MTC guards go on strike.
Canada: Gov't hopeful about MTC guard union. Church group passes anit-private prison resolution. Kansas: Editorial questions for-profits.
Canada: More on MTC guard contract rejection. New Zealand: Private prisons a "claw in the door" Canada: Better clock watching at MTC prison?
Canada: Better pay for MTC guards? Kansas: Letter to the editor. Heroin and other problems at Premier prison.
Privately run prisons are a big mistake For-profit shouldn't provide services at a lower cost New group forms to fight the industry.
New Zealand: Labour responds. Australia: State to run jail. Religious opposition to for-profits.
British Columbia: On the slippery slope? Canada: MTC guard faces drug charges. Canada: MTC guards sign contract.
Canada: MTC medical care gets slammed. Canada: MTC guards vote for contract. Minnesota: Corrections should not be privatized.
Kentucky: House votes not to privatize prison. Florida: New group forms to fight the industry. Tideflats Prison Gets Greenlight To Open.
South Carolina: Scathing report on CMS. Grassroots releases another report. Female Nevada I/M's petition for state takeover.
Scotland: Private prison transport "risking safety". EDITORIAL Private prison dubious idea Study Tracks Boom in Prisons
Editorial: Privatization nightmare Inmate Killed in Private Prison. Iraq war ramps up Pentagon's use of private contractors.
Counties cost less than privateers. Trouble in Private U.S. Jails Preceded Iraq's. State to take over Nevada women's prison.
Alaska: Caution urged on for-profits. Keep jail public. Is a private jail Brevard's answer?
Report slams private detention facilities. Kazakhstan: Minister opposes for-profits. New Mexico’s Iraq Prison Connection.
Study finds few economic advantages to prisons. Cost, safety questions raised over CCA riot. Who’s this Frank Smith guy?
Prison Firm Confronts Operational Problems Legislators don’t want state to pay riot costs For-profit getting money for striking workers?
Canada: MTC Facility Has Lots of Complaints. Greens still opposed to US private prison model MTC Inmates Not Guilty in Beating.
Prisoners of bad policy More voices against privatizing jail. County looks at taking back MTC jail.
Canada: Union calls for end to for-profits. Caution urged on jail privatization. New Mexico: Expose on for-profits
Prison privatization draws opposition More on private prison opposition. DOC chief puts OK riot where it belongs
CCA slow in response to riot Iraq: More on Abu Ghraib. Editorial calls for public take over of MTC jail.
Private prisons. You get what you pay for State prepares to take over CCA prison. Colorado: Letter to the Editor.
New York: Wackenhut Center a gulag? More on activist’s fight against MTC. Understaffing at jail breaks contract
The Truth About Private Prisons Memo blasts CNCC staff issues Editorial asks the right questions about TransCor.
Montana: Call for review of privatization. Canada: Two more MTC stabbings. Premier prisoners get special treatment.
MTC inmate death still questioned. Colorado: Letter to the editor. Kentucky: Editorial slams CCA.
Man's hand badly infected: Doctor Cornell stonewalled on jail cost: lost contract. DOC concerned about Crowley prison staff turnover
Letter from Corrections USA Inquest now in jury’s hands Big change after state takes back CCA prison.
Canada: PCI responds to MTC. Florida: Letter blasts CCA. Canada: MTC defends ACA?
Another weapon found at MTC’s ACA accredited prison. Alabama: Editorial blasts for-profits. MTC officers strike for safety.
Writer continues religious opposition review. Canada: More on MTC inmate stabbing. Troubled MTC jail gets ACA accreditation.
Nevada takes over operations at women's prison Colorado: Letter writer critical of Cornell MTC jail responsible for community’s crack increase?
Letter to the editor from someone who knows. MTC jury verdict and recommendations. Thomson quits job at Superjail
New Zealand: Opposition mounts. The Growth Industry Of Jailing People Makes Legal Reform Unlikely U of Pittsburgh shouldn't lend its name to prison privatization
Canada: Another work refusal at MTC prison. New Mexico: County prepares to take back Cornell jail. Canada: MTC guard arrested for drug sales?
Privatisation and prison profits Privatization to come under scrutiny Canada: MTC inmate’s death inquest begins.
Colorado: Crowley/CCA from the inside. Fletcher should have known law on prisons Florida Legislature to look at private prison contracts
Colorado: Letters on great expose’ Montgomery Advertiser on private prisons Sheriff looks to take over for-profit security.
Bishop Backs Call for Private Jails Debate Reformers critical of private jails Penal System Second anti-private prison rally planned in Frankfort, Kentucky
Teen girls halfway house being closed More money for schools in Granholm budget Hungry Snyder County Jail inmates refuse to go to cells
Proposed bill bars out-of-state prisoners UK: 20,000 new private beds? State calls off contract with prison firm
Where are the Ontario Liberals going with private jails Locals react to Quebec prison plan Unequal pay irks private prison employees

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