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National: New group forms to fight the industry.

Private Corrections Institute, Inc.
For Immediate Release
February 27, 2004
Contact: Ken Kopczynski
New group formed to educate on private prisons

TALLAHASSEE, FL: The Private Corrections Institute, a not-for-profit corporation, has recently been established to educate the public, media, and elected officials about the dangers of for-profit private prisons, jails and detention centers.

“The time has come to meet this issue head on,” said Dee Hubbard, PCI President. “This industry has gotten a free ride for too long. The PCI will coordinate efforts to focus on the truth about privatized corrections and expose it for what it is – corporate welfare.”

"Industry claims about saving money are not often proven," she added. "If there are any savings, the results are jobs with low pay and a very high employee turnover. This does not present the type of economic development that is needed to sustain rural communities, where many of these private facilities are located."

The PCI board is composed of activists from across the United States with a history of extensive experience organizing against private prison operators: Dee Hubbard has successfully worked against the industry in Alaska and other states; Alex Friedmann, Vice President, a former CCA prisoner, successfully sued a former CCA employee for abuse while he was imprisoned in Tennessee; Stephen Raher, Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Policy Analyst for the Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition, has lobbied on behalf of criminal justice reform for over ten years; Harmon Wray, Director, is based in Nashville, TN, is Executive Director of the National Association of Sentencing Advocates, and works in faith communities and elsewhere to support restorative justice and to oppose prison privatization; Ken Kopczynski, Executive Director, has worked for a number of years in Florida exposing corruption and lack of oversight of the private prison industry.

“PCI is ready, willing, and able to help communities looking for resources about for-profit private prison companies that the industry doesn’t want the pubic to know,” continued Hubbard.

1114 Brandt Drive - Tallahassee, FL 32308
850-656-7311 -

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