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CAPP Chairperson Answers Back

Letter of The Day - Published in the Midland Free Press
Tuesday, March 4, 2003

Dear Editor,
RE: Story riles MPP Tues. Feb 18, 2003

Due to the fact that Mr. Garfield Dunlop (MPP Simcoe North) is blaming me for the negative press MTC is receiving, I feel compelled to share my views on the subject.

It seems Mr. Dunlop has taken little time to listen or do his own research on private prisons. The National Post article was not about Citizens Against Private Prisons or me. It was about (ethics): specifically about two individuals who sell their "research" to the highest bidder. The unfortunate outcome was they had links to our provincial government and have scarred the honour of private prison research. Because the government had subcontracted Partnering and Procurement Inc. to hire Hodges and Thomas because they were two of North America's leading experts on private corrections, it does not excuse their lack of involvement. (Ethics) is (ethics). These two characters received an enormous amount of money from private prison companies, owned private prison stocks worth $900,000.00 and also received a paid trip to hawaii from MTC to speak at a conference to educate MTC on the errors it made on previous bids to win contracts. This occurred one month after they completed the Ontario Ministry of Corrections RFQ.

Mr. Dunlop is not alone when defending his party's stand. Mayor Dubeau personally nominated MTC for the Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Award through the Economic Development Committee, praising them for creating 300 jobs and adding $20,000,000.00 to the local economy.

What must be realized is that the job creation was already in place with the facility, private or public. It is shameful that the existing hard working businesses that pay taxes did not receive the same accolades from our mayor.

Mr. Dunlop's statement accusing me of yet another attempt to discredit MTC is a very sorry excuse to defend the Harris-Eves agenda.

Unfortunately, these types of responses are the norm from the government who gave us Walkerton.

Exposing (questionable ethics) constitutes provocation. Mr. Dunlop must come to terms with the truth. His government did not effectively make the right choices when privatizing our prison.

How absurd it is that our elected officials continue to support this American, for-profit corporation while a cloud of deception hangs over us. Penetanguishene represents a vibrant community, and sadly our name will be associated with this process.

Sharon Dion
Chair of Citizens Against Private Prisons Penetanguishene,
Canadian Liaison for Citizens Against Private Prisons - North America

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