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Canada: Union calls for end to for-profits.

June 29 2004
Canada News Wire
Public jails, but not "super-jails," union says

TORONTO - The Ontario government appears to have learned the perils of private prisons, says the union representing correctional officers, but it also needs to learn that large "super-jails" are not the answer.

"While we applaud the decision to build a new public facility, we question the super-jail concept," OPSEU President Leah Casselman said about today's announcement that a large jail for young offenders is to be built in Brampton. "When the Liberals were in Opposition, they said that removing offenders from family and community support would make rehabilitation more difficult."

Casselman, a correctional officer who worked with young offenders, said smaller local facilities are particularly important for the rehabilitation of teenagers.

She noted that the privately-run adult super-jail in Penetanguishene has been plagued with security problems and safety issues for the OPSEU members who work there.

"It's time this government cleaned up the mess left by the Tories," Casselman said, pointing to the privatization of correctional facilities. "Private employers always want to reduce staffing, slash benefits and cut rehabilitation programs for offenders."

She called on Children and Youth Services Minister Marie Bountrogianni to intervene to end a strike at another private young offender facility funded by the province, the Syl Apps Youth Centre in Oakville. OPSEU members have been on strike there for nearly 10 weeks.

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