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South Carolina: Scathing report on CMS.
New Report:
Privatized Prison Medical Services

A “Prescription For Disaster” in South Carolina
Commercialized Private Prison Health Services Have Failed in South Carolina,
Nationally on Cost To Taxpayers, Quality of Care
April 7, 2004

Anton Gunn, South Carolina Fair Share 803-252-9813 ext. 1 (office) 803-361-4597 (cell)
Kamau Marcharia, Grassroots Leadership 803-345-3927 (office) 888-835-3591 (beeper)
Marguerite Rosenthal, Grassroots Leadership 704-332-3090 ext 10 (office)
Si Kahn, Grassroots Leadership (704) 376-9206 (office) or (704) 408-1032 (cell)

Read Full Report - Download PDF Version

Columbia SC -- At a news conference on the steps of the State Capitol at noon on Monday, April 12th, South Carolina Fair Share and Grassroots Leadership will release Prescription For Disaster: Commercializing Prison Health Care in South Carolina. The new study, by Grassroots Leadership Senior Research Fellow Dr. Marguerite Rosenthal, demonstrates the failure of privatized prison medical services in South Carolina between 1986 and 2000. The study also documents the widespread problems experienced by other states that have experimented with contracting out their prison health care services.

Corrections Director John Ozmint has stated that, “It’s been the answer in 37 states. It may not be the answer here.” (The State, March 9, 2004) The new report documents that it certainly hasn’t “been the answer” in South Carolina, which from 1986 to 2000 conducted a 15-year “experiment that failed” in privatized prison health care. If there really are 37 states where commercialized prison medical services have “been the answer,” they’re not among the many states listed in this report.

WHO: State legislators; Kamau Marcharia, Grassroots Leadership; Donna DeWitt, South Carolina AFL-CIO;. Participants will carry signs that read “Prescription For Disaster,” “Commercialized Medicine = Bad Medicine,” “Keep It Public, Keep It Accountable,” “It Didn’t Work Then – It Won’t Work Now.”

The news conference is being organized by South Carolina Fair Share, a statewide issue organization concerned with quality health care for all South Carolina’s people, and by Grassroots Leadership, a national organization headquartered in Charlotte that is concerned with the effects of privatization on public services.

WHEN: Monday, April 12, Noon

WHERE: South steps of the State Capitol, Columbia

WHAT: Release of a hard-hitting report that documents the failure of privatized prison medical services in South Carolina and nationally. Following the press conference, participants will go to the office of the State Budget and Control Board to present them with a copy of the report.

WHY: To persuade Governor Mark Sanford that this was a bad idea the last time it was tried in South Carolina – and it’s a bad idea now.

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