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U.S. group pleased with jail, despite greeting by protesters

Janis Leering: The Mirror
September 12, 2003

Visitors from the United States who toured the jail in Penetanguishene said they are impressed with the way it operates, even if they were greeted on the street by protesting employees.
The board of directors of Management and Training Corporation (MTC) went through the jail to see how it operates, and Scott Marquardt, corporation president, said he was excited when they visited earlier this month.

"I'm very impressed with the Penetanguishene area, I'm excited to share this area that I have now grown so fond of with my MTC colleagues," said Marquardt.

MTC-Canada is the company which runs the jail, and Marquardt said it supports the communities with jail facilities run by MTC.

"The chief consideration in bringing MTC's board of directors to Ontario was to expose the leaders of our company to one of the most beautiful areas of North America and to let them see first-hand the success of the Central North Correctional Centre employees have had in starting up and now operating a new prison."

Correctional officers at the facility took board members on small group tours of the jail, and explained the way the building operates.

The board was most interested in learning about how the safety and security procedures at the jail.

Marquardt said the board was also impressed with the educational programs at the jail.

"We have sent hundreds of employees to the Southern Georgian Bay area on a continuing basis to provide training and technical assistance.

"Many have brought their families along to spend some extra time enjoying the incredible recreation opportunities in this area."

Approximately 10 employees were in the street to greet the board of directors, protesting staff shortages, and health and safety issues.

Mike Mously, deputy of operations at the Central North Correctional Centre, said the protest didn't interfere with the jail tour.

The board of directors were here from July 30 until Aug. 2.

This is the first time an MTC board of directors Annual Meeting was held outside of the United States.

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