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Canada: MTC guard faces drug charges.
Super jail guard faces trafficking charges
Janis Leering: The Mirror

A 29-year-old jail guard may be spending some time on the other side of the bars after he was charged by police for bringing a controlled substance into the workplace.

The man, a correctional officer at the Central North Correctional Centre, was arrested while driving to work on March 13, after a month-long investigation by OPP.

He has worked at the super jail for approximately one year, and was charged with trafficking a controlled substance, breach of trust by a public officer, and threatening.

Doug Thomson, facility administrator at the Central North Correctional Centre, said he wasn't aware the situation was going on, but rumours about police investigations are heard around the jail.

"You hear rumours every once in awhile, about what the police are doing, but internally we do act on tips from staff, employees or the public," said Thomson.

He said staff is told offenders may try to take advantage of them, and no employees are allowed to bring anything into the jail with them for profit. "You train your staff for the games, for what offenders may manipulate them into doing. You always have to be aware of that. You have to be professional, and consistent when dealing with the clientelle."

Thomson said situations such as this alleged one do happen, and it's his job to keep eyes and ears open for them.

He is scheduled to appear in court on April 22, and Thomson said even if he is found innocent by a judge, the employee may have to deal with internal accountability. For now, he is suspended with pay, pending an internal investigation.

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