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Editorial - Letter of the Day
Midland Free Press
RE: In Reply to "People as guinea pigs at Super Jail"

By Violet Cameron Keith
Friday, February 14, 2003

In the February 7th edition of the Midland Free Press, regarding the Super Jail, your editorial pointed out that your paper had received many unsigned letters from persons "unknown" who suggested the paper "lay off picking on the facility" because of some of the articles in which your paper notified the public of some of the issues and abuses that have occurred at the Central North Correctional Centre which is operated by Management Training Corporation of Utah.

The C.N.C.C. is operated by a for-profit, multi-national corporation. It is not performing its' duties for generous and altruistic reasons.

Management Training Corporation has a contract with the current government of the Province of Ontario to perform certain services and operations and this private operator has it's own corporate objectives and mandate which is to make a profit for those providing those services.

Unsigned letters are as unworthy of notice as are the persons' who write them. If those people have the notion to write a letter of complaint, then they should also have the strength of their convictions to sign their names.

As for assuming that everyone in jail is guilty, I guess some people don't remember the shameful and infamous cases of Donald Marshall, Guy Paul Morin and David Milguard. Those men are just a few of the innocent people in Canada, who served time in prison for crimes that they did not commit.

Yes, the private operation of C.N.C.C. is an experiment, but it is up to us, the concerned voting citizens of this province, to ensure that it does not turn into something as uncontrollable as "Dr. Frankenstein's Monster", which in the beginning, was only an "experiment" too.

2003 Midland Free Press

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