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Florida: Letter blasts CCA.

October 26, 2004
CCA merits early release

The time has come for Corrections Corporation of America to go. They have worn out their welcome.

Twenty years ago, it was a terrific alternative to burdening the Bay County Sheriff’s Office with the daily chore of operating the jail . CCA could do it cheaper, and we could utilize the money we saved to pay off the incinerator.

None of the above currently apply.

Here we are up to our ears in incinerator debt and we have a rapidly aging pipeline we need to bury. Our County Commission, like a George Carlin joke, is like the end of a NASCAR race — the same five rednecks every week.

We have inmates in the jail who have free access to the outside of their cells because the cell doors don’t work. We have a big fight in the jail among free-roaming inmates that includes padlocks in socks. What are inmates doing with padlocks?

Further, how did they get their hands on mop and broom handles? Have they got hacksaw blades? When are we going to start issuing them firearms?

The questions are endless. The conclusions are few.

The Bay County jail is a toilet bowl. We have a sheriff in office who, short of a massive voter-aneurysm, will annihilate the competition in the November election. He is capable of operating a county jail facility and operating it well. He has several years’ experience doing just that.

CCA’s incompetence allowed inmates to take hostages recently, and that incompetence resulted in the Sheriff’s Office having to come in and save the day. That is unfair to the Sheriff’s Office.

CCA has become a leading cause of death and serious injury in Bay County. Keeping CCA would be asinine.

Bruce Gibson, Panama City

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