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Florida: Gov against private prisons!!!

by Rick Flagg
Private Prisons
March 1, 2005

Ten years ago, the state began an experiment with privately run prisons…… but there’s talk in Tallahassee that it may be time to call off the experiment. Even Governor Jeb Bush…… who has led the drive to privatize state services…… says he has some doubts about the whole concept of prisons run by private, for profit corporations.

"It’s not that I don’t like them, It’s that I think that on certain basic functions in public safety would be about the most important thing that we do…… that the public sector is…… I would default to the public sector. So let’s say that there are legitimate private options for drug treatment or youthful offenders. There are things that specialty kinds of facilities where private persons have developed expertise, but the broad operations of the 70 thousand person prison system I think should be in public hands by and large,” says Governor Bush.

State lawmakers will be taking a close look at private prisons during the upcoming legislative session to see if the state is saving any money on the deal. If not, those for-profit prisons could become a thing of the past

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