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Oklahoma: Sheriff takes back CCA jail.
July 1, 2005
Tulsa County's sheriff regains control of jail

TULSA - It probably didn't take Tulsa County jail inmates long to know a new -- but familiar -- sheriff was in town.
Sheriff Stanley Glanz said he planned to conduct a shakedown search shortly after regaining control of the jail, which was scheduled to happen at midnight Thursday.
Glanz has waited six years for his department to regain control of the jail. The shakedown, conducted by 100 deputies, reserve deputies and jail staff, is an effort to improve safety and efficiency at the jail.
"I had a lot of patience," he said. "I learned that a jail is a law enforcement function and it needs to be operated by government and not private companies. Of course, I've been saying that for 10 years, but it's been reinforced to me."
Criminal Justice Trust Authority members voted 7-0 to privatize after reading reports that Corrections Corporation of America could save taxpayers as much as $10 million in five years. But the trust authority in March voted, 4-3, to give the jail back to Glanz.
Steve Owen, marketing director for Corrections Corporation, said his company would be interested in running the jail again if the opportunity resurfaces.
Corrections Corporation will move 70 Tulsa employees to its other 60 prisons and jails nationwide. About 150 other Corrections Corporation employees will start working for the sheriff, Glanz said.
The sheriff said law enforcement will benefit by having quicker access to the 1,300 inmates. A system granting most inmates release as soon as they post bail will be unveiled.
He also will train unit officers to have daily interaction with inmates and try to keep inmates from returning.

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